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Proposed use of one of the largest developments of the Kaleidospheres, which produces a unique and dramatic combined laser/video effect.

Visitors would sit inside in reclining chairs viewing a spectacular display of the origin of the Universe, as part of the Ekamai Science Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Giant Kaleidosphere with Neon Lights Seville Expo, Spain in 1992 Port of Felixstowe
 A gaint walk-through Kaleidosphere British Pavilion Seville Expo 1992 Port of Felixstowe at Atlanta, USA

A gaint walk-through Kaleidosphere entrance to a Hologram Exhibition Light Fantastic Trocadero, Piccadilly, London.

British Pavilion Seville Expo 1992

Expo is a showcase for each nation's inventiveness in term of architecture and design. The Department of Trade and Industry commisioned Brilliant Adventures to design the central exhibit for British Pavilion with a brief to produce a spectacular feature of British origin which at the same time would have universal appeal. We created and built the special effects for a huge Kaleidoscopic Sun, and illusion larger than the pavilion itself. The three dimensional visual effect ran through a programmed sequence from awe inspiring sunbursts to simulation nuclear explosion on the Sun's surface.

Port of Felixstowe at Atlanta, USA

2 x 2 monitor video wall Kaleidosphere Simple and sophisticated, was the Port of Felixstowe brief for their exhibition stand at the Inter-modal Expo at Atlanta, USA.  Brilliant Adventures designed an open plan  10 m x 20 m stand incorporating a comfortable meeting area enclosed by a few exceptional show pieces which described the work of the Port and featured their corporate video to outstanding effect. The design won the Best Exhibition stand of the Show Award.

  Elton John's piano with infinity effect replica of a human eyeball model with infinity effect giant Plasma SpherePort of Felixstowe Kaleidosphere with neon lights The Spirit of Peace Pavilion Plasmasphere
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